kwl 30 35 hs  hard mounted with still


HydroCarbon Dry-Cleaning Machine KWL Excellence 35 HS – Hard Mounted with Still

Product description

Renzacci were the first to develop the modern Hydrocarbon drycleaning machine, and as such, have a great amount of experience in utilising Hydrocarbon as a drycleaning solvent.  Renzacci hydrocarbon drycleaning machines are the best in the world – by far.

Based upon this experience, Renzacci offer their latest range of Hydrocarbon drycleaning machines – the Renzacci KWL Hydrosolver Line which includes the world’s most advanced hydrocarbon drycleaning machines.

Multisolvent Machines

Renzacci also offer the drycleaner to have a drycleaning machine that can utilise two solvents – either a Hydrocarbon Solvent or a Siloxane based solvent such as Green Earth.
What is Hydrocarbon solvent? 

Renzacci hydrocarbon drycleaning machines use Exxon Actrel 3356D isoparaffinic hydrocarbon solvent. This solvent is an excellent medium for drycleaning, and is virtually odourless, is safe to handle and is not toxic. Additionally, they present no health risk and are environmentally friendly. Hydrocarbon naturally produces a very soft feel to garments, and is gentle to colours and even the most delicate of garments such as silks, etc. Being less prone to allow colour bleeding than perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon is a very safe and versatile solvent.