kwl_ex sms 60


HydroCarbon Dry-Cleaning Machine Excellence 60 SMS

Product description


Since more than 20 years the Renzacci dry- cleaning machines using hydrocarbon  and alternative solvents represent the true point of reference measuring the state of the art in dry-cleaning.
That is why Excellence can offer each customer his own personalized solution, with infinite models  having a suspended or rigid drum, with modular and twin versions.
Furthermore Excellence is available in different versions that can be successfully used with hydrocarbon solvents, Green Earth ™ and the new alternative solvents.
Innovation, quality, respect of the environment, energy saving,  user- friendly, simplified and limited maintenance.
These are some of the many exclusive novelties of Excellence that make it possible to reach the above mentioned results.
– WINDJET, new fast-drying system  with multi-diffused orientation of strengthened action and air recirculation system with reversed flow.
– Ultra-innovative conception of the design of the drum, with  MULTIPOINT solvent extraction system for energy saving.
– The Renzacci Digiplus Computer with  personalized system for the managing and maintenance of the machine and with the monitoring and Autocheck® system of the dry-cleaning machine.
– New exclusive ecological filters with NO FLEX discs for first-class wash quality.
– New suspension system of the highest efficiency “TOP MULTIGRADE SYSTEM” with double integrated balancing control (for models with suspended drum only).
– Innovative self-cleaning distillation system of stainless steel “DUAL ENERGY SISTEM” with low consumption of energy.
– Advanced system of water separation with double gliding action.
– Multi-Cooling™, new thermo-regulated wash system to carry out cycles with the Personal Cleaning technique.

Excellence 60 SMS Load Capacity – 25/27 kg