sx 11


Front Loading Washing Machine SX 11

Product description


The SX series is unique in it’s field for their use of innovative AFS research and manufacturing process, which stands for:

  • Advanced technology
  • Flexibility of use on a vast range of garments and cleaning techniques
  • Simplicity of use and maintenance.

The versatility of this series of washing machines is highly considered in the international market, especially in the COIN OPERATED VERSION FOR SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRIES..
The SX series is available in load capacities ranging from 8 to 22 Kg. in the following models:

  • SX 8 – Load Capacity 8 kg
  • SX 11 – Load Capacity 11 kg
  • SX 16 – Load Capacity 16 kg
  • SX 22 – Load Capacity 22 kg

and are equipped with all of the following construction features:

  • New design with increased body strength and reinforced frame, with ample use of stainless steel, particularly resistant for intensive use by large communities, textile industries and knitwear manufacturers.
  • Advanced construction concept based on “minimal maintenance”thanks to the new system with oversized, long-lasting shaft, support and bearings.
  • Stainless steel tub.
  • Extra-large loading window in stainless steel, larger, stainless steel basket with optimised finning for the treatment of delicate garments and the effective sampling and/or fulling of garments
  • Improved G Factor for a more effective centrifuge and huge savings in ironing costs
  • Electronic inverter with advanced software to increase the careful handling of delicate garments.
  • Maximum flexibility and ease of use with the new electronic “ECOMPUTER: functions both manually and automatically – re-programmable microprocessor that offers almost infinite programming and sub-programming possibilities, — large selection of time, pauses and basket rotation options for the treatment of the most delicate garments – large back-lit display with complete information and recommendations – Multi-lingual function – Control of temperature and level of bath depending on garment type – Advanced, continuous, self-control system..
  • Revolutionary “ECO MIX ®”water temperature programming device, to significantly reduce energy costs and save time for the entire cycle.
  • Automatic, computer-controlled dosing systems to optimise the measurement of detergents.