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Dryer D80 Renzacci

Product description

The Dryer D80 Renzacci series, is undoubtedly, a perfect example of how ease of use can fit hand-in-hand with high-performance and advanced technology. With the addition of the model of the enterprise dryer D80 Renzacci widen the production of dryers Division, thus providing industrial dryers that can meet all the needs of load.
These dryers are equipped with a new basket with rotation system “No Leisure system “, which eliminates all the problems related to wear and replacement of power transmission belts, also take advantage of a drying system with a total circulation of air flow double vortex cross-inverter, which in addition to improving times drying and reduce energy consumption, make it possible to customize the drying cycles depending on the types of garments.
portholes The load has particularly large to maximize ease of both the operations of loading and unloading of the machine; for the same reason D110 and D240 versions are also equipped with a tilting system and opening automatic. Available in different versions and with a load capacity of 36 kg to 122 kg .


  • A Solid Machine Body
  • Computer Extremely Easy
  • Computer Soft Dry
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Motor Protection
  • A Safety Switch
  • Maximum Air Flow
  • Motor Without Belt
  • Sound Level 70 dB


  • Dry Capacity 80 Lbs. / 36 – 40 kg
  • Drum :
  • Cylinder Volume 726 Liters
  • Cylinder Depth 925 mm
  • Cylinder Diameter 1000 mm
  • Motor :
  • Drum ¾ HP (0,55 kw)
  • Fan ½ HP (0,35 kw)
  • Electric Heat
  • Heat 25 KW
  • Air Exhaust 8 In
  • Voltage 380 / 50 Hz / 3 Phase
  • White Color
  • Dimension :
  • Width 1250 mm
  • Depth 1650 mm
  • Height 2230 mm
  • Net Weight 750 Kg